Chinatown Main Street is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Chinatown’s business development. We provide hands-on assistance to businesses in the neighborhood, including beautification efforts such as helping to revitalize storefronts. We strive to celebrate Chinatown's heritage and rich cultural background. Through our endeavors, we hope to foster growth for the next generation of local, minority-owned businesses so that our entire community can enjoy a booming economic future.


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Massachusetts COVID-19 Coronavirus Update: 麻省 (COVID-19) 冠狀病毒更新資料:

MA starts non-essential Business Reopening on May 18, 2020. 麻省州長在2020518日逐漸開始開放非緊急必要行業(更多信息)

Reopening: When can my business reopen? -- 開始開放營業:什麼時候可以開放營業?(簡體中文翻譯)

Helping Boston's Chinatown Community Local Restaurants,  Small Businesses, Chinese Supermarkets, and Local Pharmacy.


幫助波士頓華埠社區, 列出繼續營業的餐館, 小型商業,華人超級市場


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